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Growing Bonsai Cannabis


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I can see where this style of growing could benefit certain Patients and Caregivers.



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We grew our own clones from our first clones we brought, and they were ready to under flowering lights before we had harvested the last crop, so we grew our own bonsai weed plant. Well sort of, we topped the plant, and it sent out 5 branches, in my typical marijuana abuse fashion, I twisted the branches so they spread out in a start shape, we then took several new clones off the first clone, in other words it got cut back constantly making about 12 new clones.


We ended up with short bonsai cannabis plants that but the Sour Diesel had the main stem near the dirt was as thick as a woman’s finger. While the other new clones the main stem was only as thick as a pencil.


After we harvested our first crop, we cleaned out small growing space, and put our new clones under 12 hour flowering lights. The new plants grew quite happily, but the Sour Diesel Bonsai only grew 17 inches high and has stopped growing up, and now the buds are filling out. The midget Bonsai so short; we have to put the Sour Diesel pot on an upturned 5 gallon bucket, so the plants are all of similar height.


The Sour Diesel looks to have the heaviest group of all the plants we grew this time around. It still has about 3-4 weeks of flowering, but the buds are thickening up beautifully. I have some photos I just took before the lights came on, and if they are any good, I’ll add them to this post.


We feed our plants with organic hydroponics nutrients, we water twice, and start feeding the week after they go under the HPS 400 Lights at the flowering stage of the marijuana growth cycle.


Check out the photos, it’s a truly lovely little plant, still got about 4 or 5 weeks to finish flowering, but it’s not grown any taller in about a week, so I guess it’s going to stop growing up, and just get fuller buds.




UPDATE: We got just over an oz from this cannabis bonsai, once dried and cured.

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i was inspired to try something like this when i saw the guys at growco doing bonsai, and i had a mutated lil C99 that needed some kind of support. her lil branches could not support her dense heavy flowers. with mine, i kept LST-ing it untiil i was able to support it up and trellis is with bamboo sticks and bonsai wire.



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