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To Keep Mmj, You Will Have To Win The Propaganda Battle

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I moved up here from another state...


Been Reading about the Agro conviction and all the arrests.


Protesting is not going to do any good. You need to win the propaganda battle. I myself have helped win a propaganda battle in another area unrelated to MMJ. My blog and those of my fellow bloggers in this certain area have been mentioned in papers from the Wall St Journal to the NY Times.


How did we do it? With words and video.


You have to capture nd mold the consensus mindset of the media in order to win the propaganda battle. One way to do this is to generate lots and lots of words. Make well argued and readable blog posts on how the LEOs are abusing the laws and how they are abusing sick patients. Also make videos. It helps a lot to have a human face. Maybe Mrs Agro?


So spread the propaganda on sites that citizens read, such as newspaper comments sections. Post links to blogs that give our point of view. Make videos and link to them in comments on stories. This is a propaganda war. YOu have to stay on message and be united. Once you have enough readable and well argued blog posts and videos, and once you have some penetration into the media mind, your words and ideas will become dominant. Politics is messages, catchphrases, verbiage. Whose verbiage has the most penetration and the most visibility will win.


You have a good start. But don't even think about protests. Crank out the words and the videos. Crank em out by the ton, by the megabyte. Cite stories and events that prove your point.


First thing to do is to generate certain phrases that encapsulate our viewpoint. Use concrete examples to prove points. Start right here and now and come up with a few paragraphs that can be disseminated widely in varying versions.

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