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Letter To Snyder

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So, I left my wife (who is a patient) in charge of trimming the latest harvest. I had to work, and she offered. So I get home and I find this on the computer.

Dear Gov. Snyder,


Please make marijuana illegal again so I don't have to trim anymore. I'm tired and sticky. It is so much easier to pop open prescription meds anyway. Oh and all that damage that those pills do to my liver doesn't compare to my whole house smelling like weed. Well i have to go my break is over and I have to go chase down my dog who has a pot leaf stuck to her foot.




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Hey SB, I don't know if you have ever trimmed before, but after 4 hours of trimming, all of us feel like that. Hands get sore, your fingers stick together like you dipped them in super glue, it is at this point when you sit there, and go, why do I do this? Why do I think I can be a grower? What would ever possess me to think this is OK?


Then once it dries and cures, and you taste it, you are so proud you can't wait to do it again. A several hour job that is fun for about 15 minutes.

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