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Tricloud Apollo 13

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Hi Everyone,

I am wondering if anyone can help me find a worthy cut or seeds of Tricloud's Apollo 13.. I am willing to pay especially for the seeds!! I have been on a hunt for a killer cut of Apollo 13 for some time now and have ran Subcool's Bx but it wasn't what I was looking for... Before I even moved to Michigan.. I found the Tricloud website and admired his work and the fact he had taken up projects like Sputnik 3.0 bc I am one who hates the fact TGA dropped black russian and the sputnik lines! I would really appreciate if anyone can help me out here! I will pay more than fair price if needed!

ALSO... If anyone has an original Brother's Grimm f1 cut or f2 seeds I am VERY interested.... I have heard that Tricloud's line has basically improved the original but I have never had the pleasure to run either BG or Tricloud's Apollo 13... but you can't deny an original and something as rare as only 500 seeds released is something I want! Again as in my other thread looking for the Chem cuts I only wan it for personal use and to medicate my patients... No cuttings will be sold or handed out to anyone without permission (most likely not at all as I am a bit of a hermit).... If you can help or have info that may help me please either post in this thread or shoot me a PM... Thanks so much!!

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Dude, Tricloud is on this forum regularly. (as time permits between projects) I too want to run some of his gear. I need to get better with consistency before i invest in seeds.


I'm well aware of this but I already contacted him and he does not have any Apollo 13 seeds to sell to me... I read on his website "not to ask for cuttings" so I didn't... I know these seeds were for sale previously so obviously someone has purchased these and popped em and selected the strongest mother plant so I am trying to see if someone who has done this would be willing to sell or give or trade me a cut of their apollo 13 selection... I would love to be able to purchase some Apollo 13 seeds from Tricloud directly but it doesn't look like I can at this time!.....

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I live in the UP and am about 6 hours away from the nearest CA dispensary that may have the Apollolicious in stock.. I am going to make a trip to pick these up sometime soon but I am really after a pure Apollo 13 cut or seeds..... I was hoping I could maybe line something up so I can make the most of my trip that way ! If anyone can help please let me know!!

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