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Selfless Young Fan Returns Dropped Ball?

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Whoever wants to know the hearts and minds of America had better learn baseball.

- Jacques Barzun



Play of the day! Selfless young fan returns dropped ball to upset boy





There's hope for America's future yet!


In one of the most heartwarming scenes you'll ever see, a young Arizona Diamondbacks fan named Ian made Wednesday's play of the day at Chase Field after an even younger fan named Nicholas missed a ball thrown his way by Milwaukee Brewers second baseman Rickie Weeks(notes).


Though the dropped ball was instead handed to Ian by another person, he immediately recognized what he had to do after seeing Nicholas in a distraught state after botching an attempt at a souvenir. With an amazed audience looking on, Ian marched back down the stairs and graciously handed the baseball over to Nicholas, a Brewers fan, without any prodding from anyone else.


As Deadspin notes, "if this doesn't warm your heart, you're awful."

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Really ? :unsure:


Not around me I'm surrounded by the most obnoxious youth Ive ever seen in my life . :mellow:


You live in Macomb County to?


There's a fourteen year old kid by us who I just want to slap the (I can't convey a point without vulgarities) out of! He's the most obnoxious little punk I have ever had the displeasure to meet if I had spoken to my Dad they way this kid does his, I wouldn't be here.


He and his Dad were arguing in the yard and the kid told his Dad to suck his balls turned around and walked off. pop's would of chased me down and beat me with a shovel.

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I watch a lot of baseball, and i see this particular scene played out many times during the season in varying circumstances. The truly special cases's read like Jeter's 3000th hit, which was returned with no strings attached by a REAL fan. (especially when you then read about the ransom requested for Matsui's 500th homer...)

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