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Plant Tissue Culture

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Plant Tissue Culture i have been looking at this site http://www.planttc.com/ and just wanted to know if any one has ever tryed it looks like it would save time



I have heard lots about this, and done some research before seeing your post. From what I can recall, you have to have lab like conditions and be very very sterile. That website you linked seems like it has some good deals on starter kits, but i think its a lot harder than they are describing.


I think tissue cloning is more for very very large scale. Like thousands of plants. Why not just use a cloning bucket? I use just RO water and a cloning bucket and have clones in less than a week.





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because i only have one room dont have the room for two



Cloning is much more a characteristic of this plant than a secret way to propegate it. Out in the wild, if a strong wind or an animal breaks off a branch, and it falls into moist soil, it's likely to sprout roots and grow. It's just what the plant wants to do. GROW! It doesn't require any large space. In fact many growers are doing it right on their vegging plants. Give it a try! You can increase your odds by using a cloning gell, and buying or building a cloner, but it's not necessary. They don't need RO water or lights on a schedule or any of that out in nature. They just want to grow. Don't be bashful, and don't get discouraged. It's a lot of fun trying, and you'll be pleased with yourself when you get one to grow.

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ok frist i dont have the room for veg and bud room that is why i was asking if any one has tryed this, as when plants are done. and doing this would save me alot of time trying to track down clones here in the up or starting from seed were i could just snip some off and have the same group of plants aging.

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