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Power Outage Issues

Johnny Walker

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Hi all,


This week has been a little bit trying. I started my first grow 2 Wednesdays ago. I started with 6 clones. 3 were about 18 inches tall (chocolope)and the other 3 were about 10 inches tall (strawberry haze). From what I recall, they never had nutrients before i received them and I started them on the nutes last Monday. I had just transplanted all of them from small pots (16 oz. to 1/2 gallon) into 5 gallon pots. They are under 2-8 Bulb T5s (3 under each) 18/6.


Day 1 - Received the clones and put them under the lights


Day 6 - transplanted into 5 gallon pots and started on nutrients


Day 8 - Power off 1/2 hour into lighting and came back on 11 hours later for 5 hours


Day 9-10 - No power for 48 hours, plants near basement windows


Day 11 - 9:30 am lights on constantly


Day 12 - lights on until 6pm, lights came back on at midnight



It appears as though there is a lot of new growth on the plants, particularly the chocolope.










Here is one of the Strawberry Haze





I am not sure of the proper questions to ask. I want to leave these in Veg.

1) Should i be worried about these plants going into flower now?

a) If so, should I just start them under 12 hours on/off right now under the T5s? I do not have my flower room done yet.

Everything should be installed and ready to roll by next weekend.

b) If no, What should my lighting schedule be while still in veg? Should I step up to 24 hour?


I know these plants have been stressed, obviously, and if you have any suggestions since I do not know all of the correct questions, I will appreciate any help you all can provide.


Thanks again!

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