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Want To Know How Much Your County Pays It Employees

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Guest Medicinal Patient

Wow dude! Thanks so much for that link! I can't believe my ahole kent county dhs worker makes almost 46 grand a year to sit on her azz and do her job incorrectly on a regular basis. I should send her a copy of her annual income along with a bill for me having to do her job for her most the time.


Great informative find DreamWarrior :thumbsu:

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Guest 1TokeOverLine

Not to mention state employee UAW 6000's (Space & Aeronautics Engineers & Technicians - go figure) contracts for lifetime full paid Blue Cross and generous retirement buyouts after 8 years (vested) service.


Come to think of it, over 60% of the Michigan population is employed by the state, isn't it?


(Politicians, clerks, courts, low enforcement (spelling intentional), infrastructure contractors & laborers, and any entity that receives state funding for services rendered, etc., etc..)


The sheeple are a minority in this state, and low priority at the state level. It's beginning to make sense now.



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