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I Need A Fluffer


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No forum for drying/curing etc so I am posting here. Please accept apologies if wrong forum.


So I am processing and processing and I am getting more and more stoned from the sticky rezin I was licking off my fingers.


A single plate stacked tall with manicured bud and somewhere at the end I lost the entire stash. I stood up, looked around. WTF? Goblins stole my 3 zips? Full circle and no buds?


Can you guess?


Yep, the whole plate was stuck to my butt. :rolleyes:


So what to do with the now flattened and mashed buds. Any way to fluff them up again? :thumbsu:


I am so horny I never thought I would need a fluffer but could sure use one this evening! :sword:

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And the happy ending to the story is the buds smoke really, really fine! A 2-hitter quitter skunk brand with a nice mellow cerebral high that is mostly Indica.


I don't recall that old brick being so sticky as this medical marijuana but then I wasn't in the Mexican fields way back when either... :))

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