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Went To The Hydro Store, I'm A Little Confused Now.

Papa Smurf

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1 1000 watt light cover 3ft by 3ft for 9 sq ft also depends on size of hood go for the biggest that will fit.


Yikes, that would take (5) 1000 Watt HPS lamps to light my 45sqft area? I don't know if I'll be able to afford that kind of electric bill since I'm only growing for myself right now. Maybe someday I will take on a patient but no time soon. I want to make sure I buy equipment that I can add to as I go bigger if I go that direction.

Do I want to shrink my ron? Will it really take (5) 1000 Watt HPS lamps to grow (6) nice perpetual plants with nice buds? Thanks for your time. Not doubting you, just trying to understand it. :-)

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IMO, go for the two 600 HPS lights you will happier with them then one 1000.

Perfect setup to start off with you can always go bigger but you will get a sweet footprint running that dual 600 watt lumatek 220 volt ive been eying that same setup and ive been thinking of dumping my big kahuna and 1000 watt and converting to be able to fit more plants in my flower room .

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Guest thequietone

Awesome! Will you be using that MH 250 for veg then? How many flowering plants will you be running under the 2 600w?


I veg under one 400MH vertical light. I run six plants in my bloom room at all times and I will be running the HPS lights and the small MH light in the bloom room.

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On my lunch hour I stopped by a smaller "mom and pop" hydro store to look around. I showed hydro guy #2 my floor plan and told him what hydro guy #1 wanted to sell me. He agreed that I was being over sold. His plan was (1) 1000w HPS with that Ocho Cinco hood for flower and only one 4x8x8 bulb T5 for veg. He said the Ocho Cinco has a 4ft by 8ft spread and would be plenty for (6) plants to flower under. For veg with (2) mothers and (4) kids, one T5 setup would handle it just fine. What do you think? Still liking the (2) 600w I think. Don't know. :-(

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your getting closer! you NEED two lights in bloom, a mover would even be better. a 1000w light has a 3x4 footprint with larger plants.


go as high a watt as you can keep cool in bloom using that footprint and your golden


Still laughing at the garage door opener comment! Hahahaha!


LHB, are you telling me you'd rather see (1) 1000w on a mover than (2) 600w stationary???

When you say I NEED (2) lights in flower what do you mean? That's probably a dumb question but I didn't get it. Sorry. :-)

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I think I'd better scale this down to start, I think I'm making more out of it than I need to, not to mention the out of pocket cost to start. I need to spend wisely while purchasing components I can add to later. So... with that being said, I'm gonna get one HPS light setup and one T5 setup and start with that. If I can't flower six plants on just one, I won't right now. I'd rather focus on quality than quantity to start I think. So I have to decide on a hood and ballast now. Should I get a kit? Sorry for being so indecisive.

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look into the Philips CMH 400w Retro While bulbs.


400w is the largest, but you could run 2 and use less energy, get more coverage, and imo, out perform a single 1000w HPS. and i may venture to say, even dual 600w hps bulbs.


im using 2 now. just got a 2nd unit for my veg room. will get another one in a few, to use duals in the bud area.


run on a 400w hps ballast, must be at 60hz, so basically a magnetic ballast.

bulb is rated to run in OPEN hood setup. has great UVB output as well.

they cost 1/2 as much as most 1000w bulbs at 55.00 to 60.00 per bulb, and have a rated life cycle that is nearly twice that of your typical hps bulb used for flower, of any wattage.

has a very very nice full white light spectrum. check my grow journal to see pics taken from my Nikon Cool Pix 4500. you ll see they look almost out of doors with the white/full appearance. espeacially when comparred to a MH or HPS pic.



runs about 300.00 for each setup.


150 for sun system harvest pro elite 400w hps ballast

70 for sun system econo reflector

55 for philips bulb

45 for a titan 110v timer


after tax was about 340ish. im sure buying 2 setups, you could get a small discount.


id get one T5 for now to veg with, and reasearch bud setups/lighting. i think after you do some reading, and your own digging. you ll also find the Philips CMH bulb a great fit for its benefits.

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