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Commission To Hear Update On Pot Law

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MARQUETTE - A Drug Enforcement Administration official is scheduled to give a presentation about medical marijuana at Monday's Marquette City Commission meeting.


The commission meets at 7 p.m. in commission chambers at city hall.


Previously, the commission discussed a medical marijuana dispensary ordinance that would set rules and guidelines for the licensing of medical marijuana businesses, dispensaries and primary care operations. However, the proposed ordinance is not likely to be voted on soon due to ongoing legal issues at the state and federal levels.


Recently, City Attorney Ron Keefe said a circuit court in lower Michigan found federal law that considers possession, use and cultivation of marijuana a crime pre-empted the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act and found it unconstitutional.


"There are so many changes right now at the federal and state level regarding medical marijuana that we're just taking a stand-back attitude," Mayor John Kivela said. "We were approached by the DEA and this gentleman asked to come and talk to us about their perspective on enforcement. It behooves us to listen to all sides."


In other action, members of the Downtown Development Authority will give a presentation about extending the DDA district to encompass the Third Street business district. Over the past year, the DDA contacted each of the property and business owners on Third Street, from Ridge Street to Fair Avenue, and asked if they would be in favor of including Third Street in the DDA district. According to city staff, a majority of them agreed. To move the process forward a series of public meetings will be required.

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marquette enforcement administration official said people operating medical marijuana dispensaries and collective grows could still be prosecuted by the federal government even if they comply with sate laws and local ordinances, special agent in charge robert corso discussed medical marijuana issues from the dea's perspective at mondays marquette city commission meeting. the commission has been considering a medical marijuana dispensary ordinance. medical marijuana laws are not a shield from federal prosecution, he said. what that means is if you determine to ordinance in a dispensary or a cllective grow or whatever you decide to do and that individual is in full compliance with your ordinance and full compliance with michigan laws he still can be arrested by the federal government. he said within the last two weeks the michigan department of community health and the michigan attorney generals office came out with opinions that collective grows are illegal in michigan furthermore the MDCH said dispensariers are not called for in the michigan medical marihuana act and are therefore illegal

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