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Non Alcohol Tincture And

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Hi, I got some Tincture at the BBQ in June, and it works great on my elbow (Tendinitis). :thumbsu:


It's called Strawberry Cannabliss & I'd like more, sometime in Aug or early Sept if possible? But don't know who to contact, if you made it, or if the long haired lady who said her sister made it, wants to pm me that'd be great! I love the smell, I don't know if it was made with alcohol or not, but it smells like Strawberries.


So anyway I want to try making some tincture of my own, Non-Alcohol since hubby & I quit drinking years ago & just the smell makes us queasy! So my question is, what's the best way to make a non-alcoholic tincture?


Soak the plant material in glycerine or oil, without cooking? Or, use oil, and heat up as if making Cannabis butter for cooking? Um, and how much oil or glycerine per how much trim / bud?



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I'm going to try bumping this old post rather than start a new thread.


A patient needs pain/inflammation relief (both belly & joints) due to Crohn's. Tincture burns badly. For now, patient does not want to smoke/vape. Eating is hit and miss; too many factors affect how a efficacious this will be, it is hardly to self-regulate, and takes longer for effects. Sublingual is - for now - the desired method of ingestion.


SO: is anyone using glycerin - or other non-alcohol based tinctures? Any comments or suggestions?



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I gave up on tinctures, I found a salve I use for topical paiin relief. Simpson Oil might work for Chron's? I would check the Jackson Farmer's Market if you / your patient can get there. Or else a local compassion club, you might meet someone who makes tinctures & stuff.

Hi sparklybuds.. I made the strawberry cannabliss.. i am also making strawberry cannabliss plus honeycomb salve now as well.. If you want more info on it.. it was me.. Im really glad it is effective for you and i hope im not really late in seeing this thread..

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Hi Annie - glad I found you! I founnd some salve around me but the Strawberry Cannabliss smelled really nice too. I'll have to come up some time & see ya. It'd be next month before I get up there probably though, so I'll pm ya some time. Thanks!! SparklyBuds

Hi Sparklybuds.. im glad you found me too.. but i am thinking we are old friends.. I am sure we talked just for a moment at the BBQ.. Im glad you found the salve and im glad you are recieving relief from them both.. I find that ppl can replace otc pain relievers for certain issues on a regular basis.. Without an effect that would be considered a high.. Amazing.. I believe when ppl figure out this topical pain reliever MM will become ALOT more accepted. I recently had an experience where an elderly woman i know tried it for her arthritis in her hands. An unexpected side effect was that it erased her psoriasis which she had suffered from all her life from her hands. She promptly erased all her psoriasis which she had suffered from her whole life... PRAISES BE!! God bless you Pb..

anyways.. YES.. I would love to see you!!

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