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Harvesting And Re Using

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Please forgive the question because I am still relatively new, but I am hoping that someone can help me out...


Has anyone ever harvested a plant and then re used it...


As it, took off the buds, and re vegged the plant and then put it back in harvest?


I have heard of this being done, but I am not sure if it is true and if so, how to go about doing it.

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You can do this. Heck, I saw a video (I believe even on this site) Of someone who harvested the bud, placed it in veg, AND wrapped one of the offshoots with root toner/rapid rooter?/and aluminum foil beginning basically a clone ON the plant..


Of course, the opinions on doing this will resemble a discussion on politics/religion. But it can be done. I have read a lot about just harvesting them and sliding them back in the veg room. Not sure how this affects quality/yield the second time. But as you said, you are new, and the only way to find out 100% for yourself is experiment as I have read so many opinions on this (never done it personally) and just like everything is, some say it's fine and works, and others will condemn it..

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Ive had great reveg success northern lights, many indicas, but cc99 not worth a crap. Some strains allow 5-6 crop and reveggs, others (like cc99, not c99) forget it. and by the way some that reveg best have the longest recovery time but best yield on reveg. don't forget, test your strain by doing it. leave 12" and buds and stems and leaves. If it don't work, you can always harvest the buds you left. They sell and smoke like the others did.

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