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Getting Hit On Both Sides

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Hello all,

I have not been around much lately because of Step Fathers small cell lung cancer has returned.

It amazes me that our medical system who eight weeks ago told Him he was cancer free after completing a complete round of chemo and radiation that took 8 months to complete. Then four weeks later he gets dizzy, My Sister (ER RN) took him to ER for cat scan. Small cell cancer hiding out in his brain just four weeks after the all clear.


He had brain surgery seven days later and after 24 days in hospitalon last Friday we (I) moved him to a brain injury rehab center.


Oh did I mention that my Mother has alzheimers.


I accompanied my Step Dad to every chemo treatment and Doctors appointment for eight months all the while taking care of my Mother while my Sister works her ars off trying to keep a roof over our heads.


I guess God had this plan as I haven't had a job for 30 months. No un-employment as the last four years of my employment were 100% commission.


I could be on welfair and food stamps but refuse to become part of this social systems that are bankrupting our, my country.


OK I'm done ranting.


Life is like a box of chocolate's, you never know what your going to get.


I don't know if my step Father will make it home this time. It's getting to be a full time job just to care for Mom.

There names are Donna and Fred and we all love the power of prayer so pray for us all.




ps; Pic-Book I hope your doing better, your in my prayers.

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