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Hello I Am New Here


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Hello everyone. I want to start out by saying this site is great with a ton of useful information. I am a caregiver with one patient right now until I get the hang of things. I decided to become a caregiver just recently after two of my best friends were diagnosed with breast cancer. Marijuana has helped these girls immensely during their chemotherapy treatments. I myself had a great experience with pain relief after a slight accident where NOTHING else would work. I have a strong background in both indoor and outdoor gardening so I thought I would give it a go.

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hello tomj


welcome to the site... good to see you have found something good to use... nice to have ya around theres a lot of good folks here so please if you have any ? feel free to ask... nice to see this helping others out here... let us know how the ladies are doing and what has helped them as in strains your using...


good luck...





ps tell them to spread the word...

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Welcome " TomJ " to MMMA 2. 0


Glad to read you have Experience in growing ... :thumbsu:


We surely can use all the help we

can get in helping others be Succesful at Growing ....


Looking foward to reading one of your grow journals ... :thumbsu:


My experience in growing consists of many hard to care for perennials as well as cloning different perennials. I have had success with some plants that are said to be impossible. Anyhow I am glad to have joined this site, it seems most are friendly and helpful I will keep everyone posted as to how my plants do and if I have any tips to share I certainly will. As I stated I am just starting and still learning about the plants. Currently I am trying my hand at white widow, blue widow, and critical jack. As soon as I can prove to my patient that I can grow I may be in need of some more. For right now I want to, at the very minimum, get the basics down.

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