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Need A Half Cup Of Canna Butter.

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I am head to the north country in a couple weeks gonna be near gaylord area. Going to teach my cousin how to make his own hard candy an I am out of butter right now. Dr. Or anyone in the north heck the grand Rapids area even. Please pm me

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Yeah no problem, maybe next weekend or something, were are you located at? If it's not to far maybe could meat up or something?




not going to be able to be there darn it.


I am set to take my father fishing.


Mom said he has been saying he hates not getting to spend time one on one with me. Because I am always working when I am at their house. I try to fix anything I can when I am there so my mother doesn't try to do everything by herself. She tends to. While she is the one that instilled the I can do it myself cheaper and better she is not getting any younger. she is not elderly by any means. However she had a couple surgeries to repair damage being done to her knee from falling off a roof again impatiens got the best of her. I like to help because she does so much. I have been trying to tell her slow down and enjoy what you have while you can. She just keeps pushing more and more to her plate so any help I can give her I do.


My cousin is a cancer patient and loves the candies but never made them. He drives to flint for them WOW. I am on my 5th batch now and they just get better and better. I am getting better at making them. I have been surfing the candy forums and tweaking my recipe.


I do thank you so much for the offer though it means a lot.


So everyone knows I am willing to compensate not looking for hand out, but hey helping a cancer patient veteran does feel good on my soul. So maybe yours too.

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I am in grand rapids. I thought I had some trim from scrog but I was out of town and missed him thanks though scrog I am always looking for trim to make medables with still looking if anyone can help I would appreciate it very much.

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You said that you help a cancer patient who is a veteran?? I thank him for his service. I am also a Disabled Army Veteran. I hope that you are able to find what you need for him, your cousin, your dad, your mom, and yourself. It sounds like you have quite a full plate. You need to make sure that you are making time for yourswlf, the fishing trip with your dad was a good example of the kinds of things that you should do for yourself so you dont go right over the edge. Everybody needs to take a break even if its just a few minutes to read a couple of chapters of a good growing book.

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