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Gray Mold/bud Rot

The Mayor

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Ok, well I'm finally growing buds as thick as beer cans (and thicker!) that are nice and dense. Of course, I have now encountered Gray Mold which forced me to harvest a few plants a couple days early. I only lost a couple buds to the mold and not the whole crop.




My environment is about as good as I can get it and there ends up being a lot of humidity when it rains/is wet out. I saw readings hover at up to 70% in my flower room. I have been told that a sulfur burner would be a good technique that I could likely count on.


My questions are...


What is a good sulfur burner to buy?


Is there a good DIY burner I can build? Personal recommendations would be welcomed and appreciated.


What is the "recipe" for usage of a sulfur burner. (how much? how long?)



Thank you in advance for any help!

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Sulfer is not good for buds, they'll smell and taste like dookie. Bud rot/mold is what it is, discard the buds and lower your relative humidity. A sulfer burn is for powdery mildew. You're not going to save the buds, and the only way to prevent it is lower your humidity and increase your air movement.

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A sulfur burner will kill all airborne pathogens. Use a burner up to 3 weeks into flower, and then use Green Cure up to the day of harvest. Buy a potpourri crock pot and hang it a couple of feet down from ceiling. Put it on a timer for 2-3 hours just after lights off every 5-7 days.



I concur. I tried everything before using a sulfur vaporizer. The vaporizer worked. I use it every 5-7 days for two hours at night 2 hours after the lights go out. I set the exhaust fan to stay off during and for 2 hours after the burn. Never have any problems anymore.


Note: Stay out of the room until the vapor has been cleared - it burns the eyes and throat. Don't ask me how I know this.

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