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Ken Horn, R-Frankenmuth Steers Walsh Package Of Bills


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From HomeTown Life



(Excerpt) Walsh led a bipartisan group of lawmakers that introduced an eight-bill package in June to clarify the state's law on medical marijuana. The bills are designed to eliminate ambiguities that exist in the law, which was approved by voters in 2008. Rep. Ken Horn, R-Frankenmuth, has agreed to lead the work group in preparation of the bills' consideration by the Judiciary Committee this fall.


“I'm looking forward to working with concerned residents, law enforcement and those within the health community to determine the best course of action in bringing clarity to the citizens' initiative without violating the intent of the people,” said Horn,.


Listen to his comments here:



Rep. Ken Horn, R-Frankenmuth

Phone: (517) 373-3528

Toll Free: (877) 555-1212

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Guest Happy Guy

He's The Scourge! Not medical marijuana. He talks like only 2 % of the cards are legit and it's only legit for cancer patients. How do you bring someone that is so far down the rabbit hole back to reality? I say just vote him out, he is worse than useless. I've yet to hear a decent local republican. I challenge anyone to produce a republican besides Ron Paul that isn't so far down the rabbit hole that they will ever come out. Horn is supposed to be the most level headed republican around.... not saying much.

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Guest Happy Guy

To be fair;


I just talked with someone who has done some recent negotiating with Ken Horn.


Since he made those destructive comments at the end of June, right after he got out of Caucus, pumped up with BS from his party, he has negotiated in good faith.


He has since seen some of the errors in his thinking.


There may be some movement from the hard line stance he made back at the end of June, thanks to some people that still had hope he might turn a little in our favor.

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Mr.Horn is no friend to ANY Michigan resident particularly those seeking employment. All of his proposed bills will cost thousands of Michigan jobs, raise the cost of living on those least able to afford it, puts millions of tax payer dollars in the pockets of lobbyists and corporations, not to mention the environmental damages.



AT&T Pushing Michigan Towards Telecom ‘Reform’ That Is Bad for Consumers



Michigan Repeal Bill Update



Playing defense


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