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Win For Shiawassee Co


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Guest Happy Guy

This is a bunch of fluff to make the canna phobes feel safe. Caregivers, tell them you are growing in your post office box. Regulate THAT!


These people are out of touch;


growth of marijuana to take place within the caregiver’s main home


Wake up! They can grow it anywhere they want on their property(s) as long as it is secure, enclosed facility.


Like 1st graders learning to play post office, these 'kids' are learning to play 'Jones'.


What are the penalties involved here?

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Licensing requirements in the city require the location of the caregiver be declared, but because they are medical marijuana sites, names of the people residing at the growing location cannot be asked, by law.


Council member Mike Sarrazin questioned how the city was going to be able to keep the caregivers’ names secret if they have a license with their address on it.


“Laws are challenging to enforce sometimes,” City Manager Joe Sawyer said.


Because we all know that we can trust City Council members right? Nowhere in Michigan history have they ever betrayed our trust right?...Right?



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