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Doctor Did Not Use Renewal Form?

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I wen to the doctor and had my renewal signature and sent it out in late May. After i the app, signature and all the other necessary forms, i noticed(from the copies i took) that the doc didnt use a renewal form. I looked into it and the renewal forms on the michigan.gov/mmp website is the exact same thing as the original forms only the little word, "Renewal" is at the top. BUT, since i didn't use the renewal form will i get my renewal card soon or am i gonna get my card 3 or 4 months from as if it were my first one? lol Does this matter? the mdch should see that i am already a patient and that i just need my renewal right? or will they think(since it is not a renewal form) that it is my initial app? thanks!

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The RENEWAL form has a space for your patient number. Having a patient number means you are presently a patient. Renewal forms move a bit faster than the original forms (slightly). Since you send in a new patient form, expect the new patient wait.


You should always provide your own forms, that way you are certain to have the correct one. The doctor may not know there are 2 different forms.


Oh, you will be assigned a new patient number.

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so when you renew your card, you have to get the doctor to sign it again? I thought you only had to go to the doctor once--when you first get your card.


My gal just called her Dr. at renewal time and he just sent her new forms to her, no visit was needed at this time. But her an her Dr. see each othet during the year. Hope mine goes as well. .........Pops

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