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Grand Traverse County Courthouse Harassment..... Rights Violation?


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I went to make a child support payment yesterday at the Traverse City friend of the court. I go through this process about every 2 weeks. It's pretty routine. Relatively easy.


Same two men at the door, always a remark from the older one that I'm a colorful character due to my tattoos. I'm usually in and out in less than five minutes.


Until today.


I go through the metal detector quickly- clear.


After I am cleared my the metal detector, the younger guy starts to glance in my purse. Usually a quick glance & breeze though and I'm on my way.


This time on his once-over he spots a medical marijuana newsletter. I see his eyebrows raise. He takes it out of my purse, reads the front page, and sets it aside. He then proceeds to take out the papers and wallet in my purse. He goes through my wallets, and upon finding nothing moves on.


He makes his way to the inside pocket. Opens it.


He finds a cookie.

They happen to be chocolate chip cherry.

They happen to be medicated.

They are labeled as such with words and a pot leaf picture.


He mentioned them. I told him yes they were mine, and yes the package stated there was marijuana in them. I am a legal patient. That seemed simple enough.


He told me i couldn't have them in their building. I was shocked. I asked him "seriously?" I thought he was joking. I mean, it was a only a cookie and I am a legal patient.


No- basically it is illegal to have marijuana in the courthouse. Or so I was told. He also added that he didn't make the rules. He just enforces them. (There was another group of people simply following orders. They were Nazis.)


At this point it was clear he was not joking and I was at a loss for words.


I stumbled around for a moment before I pulled it together. I've brought my pharmaceuticals into the courthouse and was never questioned. No one ever raised an eyebrow.


Maybe I was imagining things. I asked the men if I could bring a pharmacy prescription drug, ex Vicodin into the courthouse. They said "of course."


I was told if I would just go out to my car, leave the cookie there, I could come back in.

No problem right?



I rode the bus for almost an hour across town to get there.


I didn't have a car.


They don't seen to believe me.


"So you're telling us, you don't have a car here?" They're confused.




"You rode the bus?" doubtingly.


This back and forth nonsense of doubt & confusion goes on for a good minute until finally they accept the fact that just maybe I did take the bus. After all, there is a bus stop right out front.


I asked if i could leave my purse with them, run upstairs for two minutes and come back down.




I was told they don't do that.


It was almost 4, they closed at 5. It took me an hour to get there. There was no way I could go home, drop my cookie off and come back in time. What was I to do? I really didn't want to have to throw my medicine away, so as a last resort I asked if I could leave the cookies with them.


They asked how many I had "Is it just the one?"


"No i have two" They hesitate.


"How are they packaged?"


I showed them. Sealed by the company that makes them.


They agreed that I could leave them on their desk while I ran upstairs. But that it better never happen again and that this is not allowed for any reason.


I agreed, as I was in a hurry and had already come an hour on the bus.


When I turned to walk away he joked with me about eating them. Told me they might not be there when I got back. I told him I wouldn't blame him.


Was he seriously just joking about eating the medication they made me leave at the door????


I went upstairs, paid my bill, came back down.


When I got back to the entrance there were about 3-4 people coming in. I got caught up in the shuffle for a moment but was told I could have my cookies back.


I left feeling in disbelief. Did that seriously just happen? It seemed like a joke. Seriously, who's not allowed to have their legally obtained medicine?


I felt so violated. Patients should not have to choose between going without medicine and being harassed.


Here is a picture of the sign upon entrance. Stating what is not allowed in the building. Nowhere does it mention any sort of medication, drug or food. post-16650-0-61490100-1312660483_thumb.jpg


Also- was it even legal for them to hold onto anything medicated not being patients?

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