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Michigan Rising Star Brad Keselowski Wins Pocono And Now Bristol

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After a horrendous crash from brake failure earlier in the week . Michigan's Rising Cup Star Brad Keselowski who pushed his brother into the Daytona 500 earlier this year has vaulted the number 2 car toward a qualifying spot for the chase . After the race Brad tossed beer on the crowd as well as threw the pillow that helped comfort him within the race car for a broken ankle and sore back , . Crew members and media focused on the fact he was able to get by on pure adrenaline this race day . " I didn't even take a Advil " he was quoted as saying . This valiant effort and jubilant celebration after he vaulted Penske racing into the limelight was quickly replaced with a somber mood as he dedicated his teams effort to the downed Seal Team in Afghanistan who lost their lives this week and all the other individuals that risk their lives to secure our safety daily .



One can applaud Nascar and the media's support of medication free individuals but the treatment of pain for many is not optional nor a weakness . Everyone has difficult challenges and situations to face in life and pain control programs are ultimately something each individual should be free to choose based on their own circumstances . Whenever possible patients should have access to normal opportunities . Nascar and all Citizens should support that . Congratulations to Brad Keselowski or as he put it the " whole team of special individuals at Penske racing ." .



Link to Race Results .



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Keselowski wins Bristol 8-27-11 in his Dodge for Penske Racing representing Michigan proudly . Nice to see a Michigan driver nearly guaranteed a shot for the Championship run representing Penske Racing and Dodge . You can't help but believe the Dodge and Graham Brothers are smiling down from the best seats at each race - Heaven .


Next race Atlanta Ga . Talladega .


The 3rd win pretty much locks him in for the 12 spot with his points ;-)

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