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Patient Seeking Cg In Oakland County (Waterford/pontiac)


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I am a registered, legal patient in the Waterford/Pontiac area in Oakland County. My current caregiver has had a major growpocalypse and will be unable to sustain any patients for quite a while. He suggested I find a new cg or he could set me up with a closet grow for myself. Unfortunately, I won't be able to grow myself for some time. I had/have a great relationship with my CG and he has taken great care of me and is an unbelievably nice guy. He even offered to help me find a new CG.


I suffer from chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety. Not as gravely ill as some patients, but I don't think that makes my need any less valid. Just less urgent. My needs are not very high. I don't consume an insane amount of meds as I'm sure at least a couple folks on here can attest to. I also have a great relationship with my P2P person. He gets me great quality meds for really reasonable p2p donations.


So any caregivers interested please send me a pm and we can talk. I don't demand 24/7 on call delivery service. I usually have some notice and can travel to some extent. I try not to treat my CG like a pizza place.


Thanks for your time,


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