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Anyone Interested In Neem Cake?


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After doing a lot of research (and seeing testimonials from Shredder), I'm looking to place an order for some neem cake. This is the solid leftovers from the neem tree that are left over after all of the neem oil has been squeezed out. You can use this as a soil amendment that will slowly leach more wonderful neem juice throughout your grow, which allows the plant to take it up systemically as opposed to just as a foliar spray (and I hate spraying neem). It's also got a decent amount of N-P-K and will also break down over time as a nice, all-organic, OMRI-rated slow release fertilizer.


Here's the catch: there are no local retailers, and I've only been able to find one internet retailer that is based in the USA, http://www.neemresource.com. They sell it in 5 lb. and 44 lb. bags, and the shipping is steep. It works out to $3.80/lb. for the little bag, or $1.82/lb. for the large bag. Is anyone interested in going in on a large bag with me? I'm not looking to make any profit on this, I just want to lower my own cost + spread the good word about this natural way of combating our favorite pests.


PM me if interested.

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Gee, I'm glad someone is listening MrSpongle! I bought mine the same way. After first ordering the oil and one five lb cake, the next order was for one each of neem and karanja cake in 44 lb bags, and one bottle each of the oils, and I split all that with another organic farmer. The half order should last me a year or more. The neem and karanja cake are also fertilizer, don't forget. It's the classic two for one deal.


I would not stop spraying a maintenance dose of neem/ karanja oil up to mid/early flower though. There is a commercial product coming soon for the oil. Someone is sourcing from neem resource on the west coast and mixing and reselling the 50/50 neem karanja oil's as bug spray. No doubt it will be in hydro store at some point, decked out in a bottle with fancy graphics, and most likely priced up...good luck.....


BTW I am trying to make the next Clare farmers market, hope to see you'all there.......shredder

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