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Thursday, Aug.11,2011. 9am -4pm with evening bon fire discussion. Morgn Compsoting Inc.4353 E US 10. Sears ,Mi.49679/ 1-231-734-2451....9:0 -9:30 _ Regirstration, and short farm tours...... 9:30 - 9:45 - Welcome:Brad Morgan .Owner and CEO of Morgan Composting Inc....... 9:45 -11:15- Key Note speaker:BobYanda_focus on effects, and ways to limit over using Nitrogen.... 11:15-11:30 break....11:30 - 12:15 Session1 (choose one)..A) joe Scrimger - Nitrogen Domino Effect on Pests in Large Agriculture..B) Gary Campbell- Plant Health :The key to controlling pest for vegetables....C) Becky Fodor- How Excess Nitrogen Effects Your Health.....12:15-1:00 Lunch.....1:00 -1:45 - Session 2, (choose one) A) Phil Wheeler- How To GEt All The Nitrogen You Need- With Out Buying Commercial lNitrogen...B) Reg Destree-Veggies-The A _Z,s Of Weed Control_(Asparagus-Zuchini).....C) Dan Terell-Maintaining Lawns & Lanscaping,Naturally..2:00-2:45 -Session3 (choose one) A) Dean Baas-Cover CropBenefits and Selection tools for Michigan Farmers.B) Leon Hershburger-Cover Crops You Can Count On,From Small VegetableGardens To Market..C) Ross blog-Putting Microbes to Wrok in Your Field or garden.....2:45 - 3:00 Break...3:00 - 3:45 - Session 4(choose one) A) Large Ag-New Inputs OR Panel B) Craig Shaaf -Extend the growing season on vegetables C) SequestN -Phil Wheeler.....3:45 -4:30 Short Farm Tours and Dismissal..5:00 Dinner- Pig Raost Compliments of Morgan Composting Inc. 6:00pm -Evening Camp Fire Discussion-Marketing... This is $20.00 per person and there is lunch and pig roast at end..

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