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"beginner" Friendly Strains


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I currently have DJ Short Blueberry and Kandy Kush moms that I have been cloning off of for the past three grows.


The DJ Short has hermied in me the last two grows.


I am wondering if anyone can give me some recommendations on some beginner friendly strains.


I can't afford to have the DJ hermie on me again.


I am willing to trade clones with anyone willing to trade.


I am located in Macomb county.

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I posted in your pollen sack thread, but Northern lights and Skunk plants are going to be some of the easiest, most things in their family as long as you stay out of the haze and thai type crosses with them you'll be fine. Critical Mass/Big Bud family is rock solid, but not going to be as good as Northern Lights or Skunk. A lot of kush's grow really easy as well, some can be finicky, if you get seeds stay away from femanized, you'll have to kill any males you get but they're easier to find and kill then hermies. :)

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