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London Riots

Guest Happy Guy

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These riots now are nothing more than anarchists and criminals running wild. Yes there are many underlying issues poverty, unemployment, and racial tensions.


And at first the original protest rally over the suspicious shooting by police of a young man made sense.


But when the anarchists and criminals seen their opportunity to loot and rob they took it, and turned this into nothing but a riot with no motive other than to steal and rob.

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The racial component to these riots is not being reported. It looks to me like these are disenfranchised minorities rampaging through upper class neighborhoods and business sections beating up anybody who is not "like them." I saw one video of two rioters railing about the evil rich and how they were going to get there due. I think the last time I saw this much broken glass was on kristallnacht.



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Thats their next move, I just heard . Scotland is sending reinforcements , to help out the overwhelmed bobbies. Seems we have our own News bureau here on staff, how quiant ... Call it what you want , the People are Talking !!!


Funny thing the riots started out as peaceful protests, for the most part. With a few exceptions, besides the Syrian Govt, oh, and Moamar vs US in Libya massacaring people back and forth, oh then theres Afghanistan , Iraq , Mexico , Egypt and , Tunisia where it started with a lone Student setting himself on fire to protest being accosted by the police for selling apples without a permit !


Thanks for the vid Happy Guy.

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