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Azz Backwards, I Guess...

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Kinda late to introduce myself, but my name is Jessey. I'm a patient/caregiver living in SE Michigan, in the Tri-County Area. I've been on the forum a while, but never introduced myself. Just thought I'd say "HI".


I've worked in Home Care for people with disabilities most of my life. My hobbies have always involved living things: plants and animals. So after being certified a patient due to a back condition, it wasn't much of a stretch for me to combine my interests and grow for myself.


I really enjoy working with the variety of strains in my grow. As the therapeutic effects of the medication I grow is reported back to me, I work with my patients to help them find the best strains to treat their condition. I'm committed to developing my plants to reach their full potential.


My best bud here on the forum is Willy. We've known each other a long time. Hey dude, thanks for recommending the forum to me.



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Thanks for the welcome... :thumbsu:


Yeah Darkmatter, been working in health care a long time. I've always loved working with people, so it's a no-brainer that I would move to being a caregiver when medical MJ was voted in. I believe I'm a strong advocate for my patients and their right to use the medication of their choice.


I think the forum is great. Hearing the experiences of other patients and caregivers has been eye-opening. The knowledge and expertise of the forum's leaders has helped me put together a thorough approach to the service I provide my patients.

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