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[TUTORIAL] pot butter

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Submitted By: shawnlew3

Submitted On: Aug 19 2011 12:49 PM

Submitted In: Site Help

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So you want some butter?Cool,need weed. Buds 1/2oz. to 1/2lb.of no salt butter,butter very imporant.If you have some clippings,shake double the amount.Use less or MORE up to you,be careful dont waste weed.Next grinde,dallor store grinder,10 bucks,great.It needs to be ground perrty much fine,more tha if you were going to puff it.Make sure you clean the grinder good,you want all them goodies.Next need crock pot,medium size,unless you got alot!!!.Some people use double water boiler,great.Next 1 cup water to1/2 lb. of butter.Bring the water to aboil on the stove.Put it in the pot,if you have a thermoniter great,iuse mine all the time to watch the temp.190-220 good.Next add butter let it melt,simmer,never let it boil it will ruin your pot butter,rember the temps.On acrock pot the right temp is low.Be careful they are all diffrent.Next add the hemp(weed),stir it in good,use a wisk it works great.I check it every 1/2 hr.stir it and make sure it is simmering.This is where you have to be careful.This is were a thermoniter comes in great.It will take 6-12 hrs.longer better,they say not longer than 20 hrs.You will see little brown bits in the butter.That is the curd great,doing good. The butter will get oily looking,on the top,and alittle filmy.Ok butter is done,let it cool a bit.You will have to get your hands in it later,no burns.Need a bowl plastic the best,ill tell you why later when you take your butter out.Cheescolth(nylons will work)strain it.Squezze it out good,eat all the extra butter on the wisk,bowl etc.Watch it that will get you smooth.Put in frig 6hrs or overnight,have to wait,i know it sucks.Ok get a plate puy it in the sink.Get the butter and push in the edges(plastic)and flip it over on the plate.This will help in cleaning up later.The water will come out ,its no good.Great you got some butter,use it just like butter.It should be green and clean.Have fun with it.


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