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Help Finding A Recertification Doctor

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Hello all,

I am new to this forum, and would like to ask for some help. I am looking for a reasonably priced

doctor that can recertify a close friend of mine in the Lansing area. The original doc that certified

her is no longer available and we need to find someone else. I have seen some ads, but getting info

from someone who has firsthand knowledge is usualy better in my opinion. She is quite sick so we realy

need to find someone close to Lansing. If you can help with some suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

I have noticed that most people on this forum are quite friendly and helpfull, so I thought that this would be the place to ask.

Thanks in advance for any help.



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Mike - Rich here from Green Cross Compassion Club, a Lansing nonprofit. Doctor certifications daily compliant with the MMMAct. Records required that meet state law, with free review by doctor along with full medical intake by doctor in-person. Bona Fide doctor-patient relationship established with medical chart recorded and follow-up provided. Weekends included. Whew, them's a lotta factoids to throw atcha.


Call 877-633-5945 or PM me.

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SB tried to start one with the bad ones but that didn't survive.


Here are some I'd go to....


Dr. Bix (Bob Kenewell) Troy

THCF Southfield

Dr. Dave Croker (MI Holistic) Kalamazoo, GR

Rich's place, Green Cross Lansing

Mary Janes up in Marquette


They all are records based, and stand behind their patients.


There are others (good ones) and there are at least 3 major signature mills to avoid- the key there is anyone that says 'no records, no problem' and you are herded around like cattle.


The strongest certification is from your primary care doc. I would approach it indirectly to see what their policy is though. 'What do you think of all this MMJ stuff doc?' is a nice way to feel them out.


Dr. Bob

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