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Allow Me To Introduce Myself


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Just figured since I have been a member of the site for awhile I would take the time to Introduce myself. I have been a patient for almost 5 months now so just getting started really. Actually new to michigan as a whole, Wife and I moved here beginning of this yea, and have met many compassionate people, and hope to continue doing so. Anything I can do or help for the cause feel free to ask, The name is Jason

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hello jb420


welcome to the great state of michigan...


as you know were having a rally in lansing on the 7th of sept and we need you... please come rain or shine and stand with us and others to show those who choose to cause us harm... we need to show them were are not going away... we have choices and have choose one and will not be denied rights to be heard... the people of this state has told them our will now they need to see it because they feel we dont have a choice and need to be told what we want... so this is now passing it on to you and others to show up and help... they dont like us because we choose to treat our self because they have made choices not to help us... its time to show them in office were here and sick and not going away... if they dont want to help then they should not interfere with our own treatment... we voted followed there rules and they have chosen to not listen but to there own wants and not us the people... this is not the way true patriots act who were voted into the office they wanted to fill... they have forgot there in office for the people and not for there gains... no more will we allow there personal feeling in public office to rule us... so its time to stand together and show those who choose to hurt us for there personal gain... we the people will not allow it any more... sorry to throw this at you but we need people like you to stand next to me and not be afraid of those that will hurt us and our families...




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