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Colorado Nascar Driver Suspended For Medical Marijuana Use

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I've heard drivers talk about using narcotic pain (vicodin) pills before a race to ease their back pain. NASCAR has liquor and beer sponsors and how many Americans are killed each year by drunk drivers?


But since NASCAR was started by criminals making and running illegal alcohol, I guess they have the right to call the kettle black..Right?


I was a fan...but no longer...NASCAR is not allowed to be viewed in our home anymore!


Colorado NASCAR driver suspended for medical marijuana use




DENVER - A NASCAR driver has been suspended indefinitely after testing positive for marijuana. But Ronnie Hults says he got the drug legally, as a prescription for chronic pain.


While the state constitution allows people to smoke and buy medical marijuana, those rules may not apply to your workplace.


More than 127,000 people have medical marijuana cards in Colorado, but all can be suspended or fired if their employer has a policy against drug use.


That is what happened to Hults and now his NASCAR career could be over.


"Since I was a kid I've always told everybody I'm going to be a racecar driver," he said.


Hults, whose nickname is "speedy," says his doctor prescribed him medical marijuana for chronic back pain from a car accident.


"I'm only using medical marijuana at night to sleep when my hips are on fire and I have back pain," he said.


Three weeks ago, before a big race, NASCAR officials told Hults there was a problem.


"They drug tested me at 8 a.m. that morning," he said. "They said somebody called to complain that I was a 'nemesis' to the race track."


Hults says he was not high when he got behind the wheel.


"I am sober at the time when I race a car," he said.


"Ronnie is not doing this at the track or before a race. He's not endangering anybody," Gabriel Schwartz, Hults' attorney, said. "We're a medical marijuana state. It's in our state constitution."


Scwartz wants NASCAR to change its drug policy.


However, Amendment 20 to the Colorado Constitution, which covers medical marijuana, says: "Nothing in this section shall require any employer to accommodate the medical use of marijuana in any work place."


"As it stands right now, the employer's got all the cards," Curtis Graves, an attorney with the Mountain States Employers Council, said.


Graves says that means your boss can punish you, even if you have a prescription.


"If [an employer] says you're fired for testing positive for marijuana, then that's the way it goes," he said.


Graves says that may change as the law evolves.


"Medical marijuana is like any other prescription drug. It's going to have side effects," 9Health Reporter Dr. John Torres said.


Dr. John says the affects after 12 hours, when Hults was going to drive, depends on your metabolism.


"Somebody like this is driving at high speeds and could endanger other people," he said.


Hults insists he's not a danger to anyone.


"It all comes down to justice and what's fair," he said.


He wants to continue using medical marijuana and continue his racing career.


"That is my dream. It has been stolen from me," he said.


9NEWS contacted NASCAR for comment on Tuesday. A spokesman issued a statement, and then later retracted it, saying the suspension of Hults speaks for itself.


(KUSA-TV © 2011 Multimedia Holdings Corporation)

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The drug war is severely out of control and injuring so many people as well as the relationships between authorities and individuals . Look at the money spent on putting Rodger Clemen's and Barry Bonds in jail . Nobody even focuses on the fact criminality is a barrier to people accessing help with steriod or drug problems . Nobody focuses on how corrupt the system has become burning up funds that need to be used to assist people for its own benefit .



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