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Job Offer Over The Next Couple Of Months

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For the next couple of months, I have this problem.


My place is being watched by people other than the police.


My problems are about eight feet tall right now.


This material simply must be cooked down for cancer patients.


So .. I need folks to hang out in the back yard 24/7 until harvest. Which will be payday for those helping.


Rate pays out at a half gram per hour. If the crop gets ripped, no one gets paid.


To qualify you need to be a card holding patient. And you have to sign up under my wife, who is a caregiver. That allows for payday.


We have four openings.

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and what are these patient/reservist's you wish to hire expected to do to earn their reward, use like use physical violence and risk their lives and such to ward off rippers?? or call leo if rippers attempt to invade?? edit... i missed or just have peeps in your yard to detur rippers?


Just to deter .. As long as there is someone there and awake, I don't expect them to try a grab.

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Patients have little support from Law Enforcment and are often afraid of contact so were seeing more and more criminal acts against them . Stealing from the sick on the program who are often disabled is about as low as it gets but again people dehuminize and tell themselves the ends justify the means . Prohibiton spillover costs to society know few boundries . Having the registry or patient information released to the public or marketeer's invites crimes against patients who are often vulnerable . There is rarely mercy in this world for patients all the rules are written for those that break them at the expense of those that want to be part of the solution not part of the problem . .

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