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The Confessional


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Recently, I ran in to an issue with keeping my grow going smoothly, and I wanted to share it. I think it would be nice to have a place where growers new and old can share mistakes they've made, how they've worked around adverse conditions, or just learned something new about growing or cannabis/grower culture. Please feel free to share your stories here, as well. So, here goes.


In the end of the year that began my first year of consistent growing, my schedule of things got a bit jostled around. The G-13 plant that was graciously gifted to me by the venerable Porcupine was in late bloom, and had survived a particularly nasty summer of almost unbearable conditions. The esteemed LongHairBri was immediately there for me when everything in my veg tent, as well as all of my cuttings and clones, were decimated in the heat. He gave me some cuttings of a handful of girls he was working with. Those girls were hearty growers. LongHairBri really did me right in giving me so many cuttings to work with from those strains he was able to share, especially when I had none.


Anywho, those hearty growers out-vegged the G-13’s race to harvest, as they were held up by a longer than expected run with G-13. (The intense heat is likely what is to blame for the long run with G-13. It just could not mature in flower as fast as it normally would due to less transpiration in the heat.) At the end of the G-13 run, I had to flip my lights the other direction to really help manage the heat. I also had to modify my light’s exhaust from using a 5” duct to a 6”, as well as add a baffle.


Meanwhile, the clones that had gotten put in to ‘junior high’ were quickly outgrowing their tote. But, they had no place to go, as the veg tent was full. Until the girls in veg could move to flower, the junior high girls had no place to go, but sit. So, I ended up with this:





Because of the highly developed root systems on a couple of my Jr. High girls, I was unable to do a straight transfer in to either lid I have (8” or 5” mesh pot opening). I was able to finagle one of them by weaving some more easily separated roots through the mesh, and get it comfy in its new home. But one other one had such a large root mass there was no way I could try that. So, I decided to try to modify one of the lids to see if I could make that 3” pot snuggle right in there. Here is how it worked.


At the store before buying the smaller 5” holed lids, I lined up the net pots I use in my junior high to those of the various lid-pot combos. The 5” Holed lids seemed to be the best candidate. I was able to identify on this particular lid, that if I make the cut to the inside of the second line from the middle, that my 3” cup would sit in there nice and pretty like.





As you can see, i used a Stanley knife with a roofing blade. i find they work much better than the straight blades for cutting plastic.




Once I had the lid settled down in to the hole of the lid’s pot, the big roots got sit all lovely like in the water they so love. Now all of my girls can have a happy home! The G13 in the middle in the pic below is the one that got the transplant this way. You can see there is at least one other plant in Junior high begging for room. That one is going to get a similar transplant. I will be sure to add some pics, when I can.



Here they are, happy once more (til they grow out of control more!)




The next thing I recently learned should have been learned a while back. But, for some reason, I never thought of it. My cloner has 8 slots. My junior high has 6 slots. What happens when I am successful? Oops, I need more holes!



The Invitation

Please feel free to drop by and share your own Mistakes, Grow Room Tragedies, and other learning opportunities. You won't feel as bad once ya get it offa your chest. And, others can learn from your mistakes!

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