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Why Fear Medical Marijuana?

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Why fear medical marijuana?




Battle Creek Enquirer





"He singles out all of these dangerous criminals with legal marijuana cards selling their drugs to - wait for it - each other! Really? Is that all you've got?"








Why is the Michigan attorney general so afraid of medical marijuana? He wants to shut down legal dispensaries operating through a law that was overwhelmingly passed by the voters in 2008.


He espoused the "victory" by saying that they shouldn't be "near our schools, homes and churches." Well, that's just about everywhere, isn't it?


I find it ironic that he seems to be OK with all of the narcotics dispensaries operating near all of these same places. There is a Walgreen's or a Rite-Aid everywhere you look dispensing far more dangerous and addictive drugs than marijuana. I can drive a golf ball from one Rite-Aid to a nearby elementary school and bounce it off the roof of a liquor store on the way.


He singles out all of these dangerous criminals with legal marijuana cards selling their drugs to - wait for it - each other! Really? Is that all you've got?


I have not seen one iota of evidence that these people are selling marijuana to kids, or selling it out of their homes to people on the street. I read the other day that prescription drugs such as Oxycontin are replacing more traditional street drugs such as marijuana as the drugs of choice for our kids in school. Well, as long as we have these "criminals" selling weed to each other, I don't know how we can all sleep at night. I suppose you could smoke a joint. It's safer and less addictive than that Ambien you have in your medicine cabinet. What a crock.


Scott Warner


Battle Creek






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Michael Komorn





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It's shameful what Schuette will do to further his political career. Schuette fully realizes that this conspiracy against medical cannabis has inflicted further pain on a group that is already dealing with terrible, and often fatal disease. In the Schuette world that's not a concern compared to his chance at increased political power


The anti medical cannabis campaign has been going on for months in the press. They have been repeating the mantra from the politicians that the current law is so full of problems that the police and the judges are completely paralyzed with confusion. They have planted the seed that Lansing must come to the rescue in order to avoid anarchy in the streets. Please recall that before the latest court of appeals ruling prohibiting patient to patient transfers, the patients were generally content with their access, there was precious little actual crime tied to medical marijuana, and the children and puppies were all alive and well throughout the state


Soon it will be proposed by these same politicians that the current patient/caregiver system must be scrapped in favor of state owned growers and dispensaries. With state run facilities they will say that the patients will be protected and they won't have to deal with the black market anymore. Why didn't the people think to allow patient to patient transfers and even dispensaries? They did but the system of patients and caregivers approved by voters didn't allow for political favors to be granted or for state sales taxes to be collected


So where's the political power enter in? That is when these politicians will place themselves in position to decide who gets the lucrative growing and dispensary permits in Michigan. Those little favors granted by Lansing decision makers will be repaid somehow too....perhaps vacations, political contributions, jobs for friends, etc


Someday this crusade against the sick and disabled may turn into the mistake that sinks Schuette's political career.

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