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Hello Friends


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Hello Everyone,

I am pretty new to this forum, been hanging out for a few days. I would like to introduce myself because I have decided this forum is far superior to the one I have been a member of for many months. I have had some very helpful experiences here, and see many people who truly care about helping others.

I am a caregiver in the lansing area, and became a caregiver because I wanted to help patients that were having difficulty finding medication that was affordable. It became obvious after time, that some of the caregivers on the other forum I belong to were only concerned about themselves. I like this site because it has given me the information to become more active in helping others. I hope to get to know some of you and become a helpful member of the group.

I would like to help protect the rights of patients and push for better legislation by our government.



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hello mike44


welcome to the site and its nice to have you here... im glad to see other not for themselves here... its nice to see other who are willing to work with the patients they care for... anyway ask and most all here will try to help as we can... if ya like get into the chat room theres lots who stop bye and ask if we know of other caregivers that can help them as needed... this is a good way to get to know other just like you... have fun be safe and all help is and has a reward... glad to have ya here...



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