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Recall Snyder Hiring Staff, Eyes Sept. Deadline

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The campaign to recall Gov. Rick SNYDER told potential supporters in a fundraising letter today that it has passed the 50 percent mark for gathering the 806,522 signatures needed to trigger a recall election.


Chris BOWERS, the campaign director of the Daily Kos, asked for a modest donation of $6 to help hire staff in what, up to now, has been an all-volunteer operation. The group is hoping to get the signatures they need by Sept. 28.


For every $5,500 we raise a new organizer can be on the ground in 72 hours, he wrote.


In the last five days, several hundred new volunteers joined Fire Rick Snyder, bringing their total number of recall petition circulators to over 6,000. On top of those efforts, the Michigan Education Association (MEA) has distributed 25,000 petitions to its members, with space for 10 signatures on each petition, Bowers wrote.


"In retrospect, maybe Snyder's latest 'jobs plan' should have involved more than kicking 30,000 children off of food assistance," Bowers wrote.


He also claimed that Republicans are responsible for robocalls throughout the state that raise the specter of using petitions as a way to commit identity theft.


"While that's pretty bad, just imagine their hysteria when we gather 100% of the signatures required to force a recall election," Bowers wrote.


The petition language to recall Snyder was approved on April 29 and is good for 180 days or Oct. 25. The 806,522 valid signatures need to be collected in a 90-day window. Since the Snyder recall effort didn't really catch steam until July, the Recall Snyder needs a big September to meet their goal of 1.1 million signatures.


Click on to: www.firericksnyder.org for more information on how you can help.

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