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Yes ... " Peanutbutter " gave oil to


the Atlanta Compassion Club ....


Jane & I Thanked him by buying him luck ,

But not many other people said thank you ....


Plus i've seen " Peanutbutter " at several Court Dates ...


I give Credit where Credit is due ...


I've shared a little of my Meds w/ " PeanutButter "


and I've seen w/ My Own Eyes of " PeanutButter

Freely give away samples of his Meds to people hurting ...


I've listen to " PeanutButter " give talks ... videos

trying to help others ...


Do i always agree w/ him ... No Not always ...




But " PeanutButter has a Good Heart and is a Good Man

and just trying to help others and earn a

Honest Living at the same time ...


and a Friend ... :bighug:


So Yes.... " PeanutButter " is a Leader

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One thing we can all agree on is our Love for this Community. Pb shows his Love by helping patients who need oil. We all help in the best way we can within our abilities. I met Pb in Clare, though I saw him in Lansing the month before, but we didn't get to formally meet. I did get to meet budhabit in Lansing, and I think I spoke to him in Clare, too; they were at the bbq showing how they make the oil, it was the topical oil. Pb gave me 2 small bottles of it. It helped a little with some skin problems I have. I also used it for stiffness and pain. it seemed to help a little. I know those two are helping a lot of patients. I remember listening to a couple of radio shows a few months after I joined this site, they were both on and they were talking about the oil. It was around the time of the trouble in Saginaw, and they also talked about the little girl we know as "baby girl." Also I remember seeing pb in a video around that time, too, maybe right before the protest there.


So, here's to you, peanutbutter! :thumbsu: Thank you for all you do! :goodjob:


Sincerely, Sb :)

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