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R.o. Water And Cal/mag Question


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Yellowing around the edges, browning spots, curling in latter stages....usually starts from the bottom

Here's a link :





Very informative link, I also read Cervantes' Indoor Horticulture but felt like needing more info.


I definitely had a Mag def...it was only one leaf so far on the bottom that was yellow, burnt looking.


I've been using Humboldt Nutrients Natural Grow and Bloom. I did not know about using Cal/Mag with R.O. water so I feel pretty bad for my girls. But since I caught this early, and now that I'm treating them, they s/b fine. :)

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I dont have the cal/mg prob with R/O but I do use micro every feeding,I have seen some signs on a bubba I have in dirt but thats the only 1 thats acting up-my hempys and bubbles are fine and my girls in dirt in veg are fine but maybe the girls in dirt in flower need the extra cal,mag-ill see when I feed

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