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Septmeber Is Pain Management Month

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"September 2011: Pain Management Awareness Month


WHEREAS, each year, one third of all Michigan citizens suffer from chronic pain; and,


WHEREAS, it is estimated that undertreated and untreated pain costs Michigan citizens as much as $16 billion annually in lost wages, health care expenses and related medical complications; and,


WHEREAS, Michigan is a nationally recognized leader in the development of pain management policies and statewide strategies to educate health care professionals in an effort to improve pain and symptom management in our state; and,


WHEREAS, during this month, we continue to raise awareness of chronic pain issues among citizens, health care professionals and policy makers, and we encourage the people of this state to learn more about the issues and to respect the conditions of those living with chronic pain;


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim September 2011 as Pain Management Awareness Month in Michigan." http://www.michigan.gov/snyder/0,4668,7-277-58031-261638--,00.html




Kind of funny since him and his cronies are dead set against one of the best pain management drugs around, but guess he is just getting the awareness out for the drugs that cause more pain, issues, addictions, etc. that Pfizer produces.

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