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Medical Marijuana Advocate Wins Ok To Launch

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MIDLAND -- A medical marijuana advocate has won on his third try the right to circulate recall petitions against Attorney General Bill Schuette.


The Midland County Election Commission voted 3-0 today that the latest petition, which targets Schuette's stand on the state's medical marijuana law, was written clearly for voters to understand. Schuette is a Midland Republican.


Richard C. Clement Sr, 54, of Lansing has petitioned twice before, but failed to win an OK.


"I just didn't give up," he said after the brief hearing. Clement is a member of the Michigan chapter of the National Organization for the


Reform of Marijuana Laws. "There wasn't a lawyers only sign over the courtroom. The law is for the people, and no one should be afraid."


Rusty Hills, a spokesman for Schuette, said the attorney general will focus on what voters elected him to do.


“The attorney general is going to continue to do the job that he was elected to do, and that is protect the public, defend the laws and uphold the Constitution,” he said.


Hills declined to comment directly about the petition’s allegations that Schuette has failed to uphold the state's medical marijuana law.


Clement and his backers will have to gather 807,000 signatures of registered voters to demand a recall election. "This is going to take lots of money, but most of all it's going to take heart," Clement said.


He said he might post the petition online and ask people to download and distribute it to collect signatures.

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As Ohio just learned, the signatures have to be from Leagle registered voters. So there needs to be a person checking info before signing.


In Ohio there mm Law was shot down because the people that got the signatures let anyone and everyone sign it.


After they names were checked they were short....

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I assume most of us got off our duckets to vote this law in so we should have plenty of reg voters,just get a even million sigs and that should cover the peeps that sign with no voter reg-id of course ask before having someone sign but most dont know their number off the top of head and I keep mine in night stand as my wallet is like a file cabinet of doctor cards and ins cards already hardly fits so anything I dont use regularly like a voter reg card is kept awaay til needed-lets get a printable form and a address to send full sheets back to a.s.a.p-Kb

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