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William Duncan Schuette

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It seems the Attorney General is associated with some of the most sinister elements of high society. We all know about Bill Schuette's political career and accomplishments he's been in politics since age 18, received his first real job from George Bush and his political career took off. Now to understand this issue we must first understand why marijuana prohibition happened in the first place. It didn't have much to do with people smoking or using it to get "high". That was the surface of the issue, in fact it has become common knowledge that One of the main forces behind prohibition was the Dupont family. The Dupont Corporation manufactures chemicals for plastics,and just invented nylon. Hemp was seen as unwanted competition thus they funded the propaganda which made cannabis illegal. Now this was in 1937.

The Dupont company today is still the largest corporation manufacturing chemicals for plastics etc.....


Well how does Bill Schuette tie in to all of this? The Dupont Corporation is the largest chemical company for plastics etc... However, the Dow Chemical Company is the 2nd largest chemical company providing plastics,chemicals, and agricultural products in the World. They also have a vested interest in not seeing any sort of cannabis legalization whether it be medical or industrial.


Now for those of you who don't know the Dow Chemical Company it is based right here in Midland, Michigan. Our Buddy Bill Schuette's parents settled in Midland, MI back in 1941 for Bill Sr's job at Dow Chemical. 1959 Bill Sr. was poised to take over the CEO position at Dow Chemical but he ended up dying of a heart attack while Bill Jr. was attending Georgetown University. His widowed mother then married Dow Chairman Carl Gerstacker and Bill Schuette has been overseeing the family fortune ever since.


Bill Schuette is not against medical marijuana at all, in fact he used to smoke it back in college as did most politicians. I wouldn't be surprised if he still tokes up here and there. He is just another elitist trying to protect the family fortune.


Now, why is he a murderer then?


Well because his family company the Dow Chemical company is responsible for thousands of deaths across the world.Dow Chemical, the US firm which now owns the leaking pesticides factory responsible for thousands of deaths in Bhopal, India, is sponsoring Life Earth events in 150 cities today. The event aims to raise money for clean water programmes. Research by environmental organisations has found dangerous levels of highly toxic chemicals in rivers, lakes and other water supplies close to several other factories owned by Dow and its subsidiaries in countries including the United States, Brazil and South Africa.


Dow's factories at its global headquarters in Midland, Michigan, have been accused of contaminating the region, including the Tittabawassee River floodplains, with high levels of dioxin – one of the "dirty dozen" most dangerous chemicals. In 2007, the highest level of dioxin contamination ever measured by the US Environmental Protection Agency was found in the Michigan Saginaw River. Residents are advised to avoid contact with river sediments and not to eat locally caught fish.


Campaigners are outraged by what they call Dow's "blatant attempt" to paint itself as a green company and divert attention from the Bhopal scandal, where 25 years after the 1984 disaster at the plant (then owned by Union Carbide) thousands of villagers are still forced to use contaminated water which causes birth defects, cancer and skin disorders.


Live Earth, which has accumulated celebrity supporters and thousands of activists worldwide since its climate change concert in 2007, has been criticised by campaigners for joining forces with a company which has a track record of, at best, being slow to clean up toxic spills that pollute water, damage ecosystems and endanger lives.


Three weeks ago, Amnesty International asked Live Earth to reconsider the sponsorship unless Dow publicly agreed to clean up Bhopal. Live Earth did not respond.


Dow has branched into water purification technologies in recent years. Campaigners claim the sponsorship deal is part of its wider strategy to exploit business opportunities in water scarcity. Tim Edwards from the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal said: "This is categorically a green-washing exercise. It is one plank of Dow's Human Element campaign which started in 2006 to clean up their image by marketing themselves as a sustainable, environmental, caring company and repair the damage caused by scandals such as Bhopal."


Dow is the sole sponsor for 24 hours of fun-runs and concerts organised by Live Earth, which hopes to create a global movement to tackle water shortages affecting one in eight of the world's population. Greenpeace, which for years has been highly critical of Dow's environmental record, refused to comment because it supports Live Earth. Live Earth also refused to comment.


The chemical leak from the Union Carbide factory in 1984 killed around 25,000 people and left 120,000 with long-term medical conditions, according to Amnesty International. Since the factory closed, more than 30,000 people have been exposed to water containing mercury and lead, pesticides such as Lindane and carcinogens like carbon tetrachloride.





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