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Emergency Help With Fossil Fuel


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Hey, I'm really hoping someone here can help me out. I use the foxfarms complete line up, but I had been hearing great things about incorporating humic acids, particularly fossil fuel. So I went ahead and added some to my reservoir today. Dark stuff, and it turned the color of my water an interesting reddish/gray. That is causing me some stress as I've always used pH test solution and with the darker colored water I can't tell where the pH is at.


The basics, 30 gal res, fox farms grow big and big bloom per the feeding schedule (actually a little under) and I added 1 cup of fossil fuel to the mix.


I owe huge thanks to whoever can help me out.

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MSDS sheet for FossilFuel says Ph is 9. Reading elsewhere, humic acid lowers pH. Its a starting point to work from.

Maybe only use it on flush days?

For $40 you can get a ph tester pen.




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