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Putting this out there and don't know if the topic has already been discussed..


I ran into some MM oil from an East side of the state Disp.


Being a person that quits cig's every day, I substitute with The Electric Cig. Works great a lot of the time.

But as the idea of vaporizing the MM oil was irresistible so I did and the taste and vape was very good. Much better then the Nicotine E-juice.


My question I guess is what's the best way to make my own MM VG oil.? I know I could look it up but hearing of others success with this would be cool.



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Thanks for the Input. No didn't hurt my atomizer at all I use a low resistance atty with the 510 mega batteries. My girl however bought a 510 great lakes vaper device and it's very awesome. I can't wait to get some juice to try under high voltage.

I do remember the vape of the MM Oil to lack the taste I was expecting but was still a good alt to the NIC E Juice.


Thanks everyone.

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