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Hammel Hammers Medical Marijuana Opponents

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Hammel Hammers Medical Marijuana Opponents


House Minority Leader Richard HAMMEL (D-Mt. Morris Twp.) is hammering medical marijuana opponents for using it for "political purposes."


The issue has heated up, with Attorney General Bill SCHUETTE has taken an aggressive approach to regulation and a Michigan Court of Appeals panel last month ruling that dispensaries are illegal.


But Hammel noted that more than two-thirds of voters approved the 2008 ballot initiative allowing medical marijuana.


Hammel has been busy this year reacting to Republican legislation that's been moving through quickly, and he tells MIRS that he's not happy about the lack of cooperation he said he's seen so far. He warned that people could be upset when they realize how GOP-passed tax changes impact them.


MIRS sat down with Hammel to look ahead to any issues that might rile the Democrats into showdown mode, including right to work and looking into education reforms.


Q. What's your take on medical marijuana?


A. My perspective is people in the state have voiced their opinion. Medical marijuana should be an option for those who qualify for it. For some to use it for political purposes is a shame. Some of this stuff has gone way too far. I think there is no reason we can't come up with something that makes sense that does exactly what the people of the state want. We're taking away their voice right now by playing these political games...

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