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Raw Video Of Lansing Rally Sept 7Th

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great vid proplayer thanks for sharing it. one thing... the audio level is really low, i had to turn my volume up all the way to hear it, still a great piece though.

Thanks you all.. Is it all the video that is low? Appreciate the feed back as I am still putting together a much bigger video with pics also included from the rally.


And if anyone has a special pic or two or even video that they have and would like to add just email me at proplayer420@gamil.com

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Thank You for the video post...I couldn't hear audio though...But those pictures speak volumes even in silence...


Keep trying. Take care of the small circle around you. When you have succeeded with them, then move outwards, one small step at a time.

- Audrey Hepburn


Ok uploading a new one with volume up higher. Thanks. Should be up in 20 minutes

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FANTASTIC!!!!!!! :goodjob::thumbsu: TOTALLY AWESOME!!! I got to see the plane and the messages, see some of what I missed. THANK YOU!!!!




Sb :wub:

Silverblue, I was so proud of you. Last time you seemed worried that people would see you. Wednesday you were loud and proud and you sounded great. Thank you for your courage.

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I hope to see the whole rally so I can see more of what I missed. It still amazes me how well it all came together, though I'm sure there were a few concerns, some of which I am aware of. Seeing all the people was the Best part. I know how concerned Bb was about the turnout, and so was I, but I figured, if we had 500 in the rain, we'll have many more if the weather is better. I was SO HAPPY to see so many people. My prediction was 2,000 so I was ecstatic when he told me it was between 3-4,000. Seeing the rally's success was very heartwarming, I couldn't stop hugging Bb I was so filled with emotion. My joy was so overflowing, I hugged everyone I could! If I could, I might've hugged everyone there! Although I was exhausted, you all gave me the strength and courage to be there.




A friend saw a report from Reuters online that estimated we had 3500, :D I don't know where they got the report from.



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Let me know if this is loud enough now. For some reason the sound sounded good from my computer.


Thanks Again. Should be louder now.




i saw me at 3:04-3:09 so exciting...

did anybody happen to save a copy of the picture of many of us from the Northeastern Michigan compassion club all posing on the steps? i would love to get a copy of that if one is around...

thank u so much for posting this video Proplayer420.

great work !:thumbsu:

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