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Kern County Medical Marijuana Patients Overturn Dispensary Ban


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Just like here, Politicians are ignoring the voters and the laws to push their own twisted agendas through.


Kern County Medical Marijuana Patients Overturn Dispensary Ban




Bakersfield is the big city in Kern County, California. It’s just north of the Grapevine, and generally people driving to or from LA try to get past it as quickly as possible, especially if they’re black, Hispanic, or hippie looking. Because the official mentality of Kern County seems to be stuck back in the 1970s or so. You hear that, boy?


Kern County recently rammed through an ordinance that banned all dispensaries and another that limited patients to growing a maximum of 12 plants per parcel (which is apparently against state law, but that’s another story). Case closed…except the citizens of California voted for medical marijuana and we’re not letting it die without a fight.


The patients in Kern County got themselves together in a matter of weeks and actually overturned the ordinance by gathering enough signatures. The battle, of course, is never over, but this is still great news.


The lesson is this: If ordinary patients from one of the most conservative counties in California, with a seriously prejudiced sheriff and board of supervisors against them, can turn a bad political situation around so quickly, then we can do it anywhere. We just have to be willing to get out and work for our rights, because nobody is going to hand them to us…they’re only going to try to take them awa

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