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Effective Root Aphid Control

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I am in the process of switching from soil to DWC (keeping flowering soil plants alive but not starting any new ones). Root aphids have been a huge problem. I've been dumping 1/4tsp rosemary oil with a squirt of soap in a gallon of water, watering with that once a week... it helps to control them but certainly doesn't completely eradicate them, there's always a bunch of survivors (air pockets in soil, etc help them survive). I have one plant in DWC (hydroton is the growing medium). I took it out of the bucket and dunked it in a crockpot (make sure the water level is over the hydroton!!!) with that same rosemary/soapy water formula for 15 minutes. I saw one lonely root aphid try to crawl out of the water onto a hydroton pellet, which kept rolling around and dumping the aphid back in. When I lifted the net pot out of the water, hundreds of dead root aphids poured out, huge, fat, DEAD, bastads. AWESOME! I have seen no sign of their return, though since it is in a tent with infested soil plants I will continue to dunk once a week for a while. Perhaps there is a way to actually deal with them after all. :thumbsu: :thumbsu: :thumbsu:

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Nope, no way I'm going to use any chemical pesticides... I'm not willing to risk having various toxins linger on in the buds for months or years.


:goodjob: I'm not a big fan of chemical pesticides myself. I've heard that rosemary oil will work on root maggots and mites IDK if that's a fact or fiction....Pops

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I wouldnt use any chem pesticides in flower but veg..Ill let em have it.


You really need to establish if there is any carryover from veg to flowering. Perhaps if it becomes available get bud tested. I would like to suggest you get some "Captain Jack's Dead Bug it is organic and even affects the friggin mites eggs. Look it up on line. The concentrate will save you$. I rotate that with axmax then I use a rosemay 10 drops to a qt with a drop of organic dish soap as a wetting agent


Good luck i hear when you spray em with in organic pesticides they get bigger and bigger and one night they come out of your bedroom closet , all of six feet tall and they make you think that they are your ideal dream lover and then while having oral sex they bite your......


Best of luck with that! :o)

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