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Getting Rid Of Schuette

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OK so I called his secretary @ (517) 373-1110. She actually answered. She also got quite an earful. She tried to tell me the law was full of wholes. I let her know that the intelligent people who wrote the law and the citizens who passed it understood it. Cant understand why schuette cant. Maybe hes slow. Oh right, he works for the lobbyists , not the voters. Where I come from theres a word for people like this. It starts with wh and rhymes with war. Just saying-please please please keep calling him. We will get those signatures. 800,000 sounds like a lot but I saw a bunch of brave determined people on Wednesday and there are thousands more like us that were unable to attend.

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Someone told me Schuette's nickname in college was "Billy Bong"


Bill has an outside interest motivating his bias against mmj. I want him jobless in the worst way.

Hopefully jobless, on the street with cancer and no one will have mercy on him. Sorry if I sound mean but we have been pushed too hard. Im pushing back harder.

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Signatures can only be collected in person, using the preprinted recall forms available at Recall Schuette Petition Instructions. To get printed forms, you could copy the links to a usb key, then take that to Office Max, or Staples. They will print the forms for you on a 8.5 x 14 double sided B/W page for 20 cents per page. The Midland Office Max has this file on their printer already. Just stop in and ask for copies of "Bill Schuette.pdf". Maybe your local Office Max can call the Midland Office Max and have them send that file?

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