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The Solution To Our Problems: A Second Voter Initiative

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As the title says...Schuette is only one of our enemies in the government. What about all the other representatives, senators, etc trying to pass anti-MMJ laws? Even if you get rid of Schuette, it won't make much of a difference in the bigger picture. These legislators are throwing out all these anti-MMJ bills as a smoke screen to divide our attention and resources. We might defeat most of them but a few of them will slip through and make our lives harder. They will keep trying. I say the best defense is a good offense. Let's introduce a second Initiative to amend the Act.


The government says the Act is full of holes...and if we're honest with ourselves, they're right! I guess the term I would use is "unclear." There are a lot of things which are not quite clear in this Act, which is what's causing us such problems. Instead of burying our heads in the sand and opposing every single change, let's show some leadership here and admit there are problems. Let's put forward our own solution to these actual and perceived problems with the Act.


Our new Act will clarify the first, amend it to fix problems, all while protecting and extending our rights. We can close the loopholes the politicians have used to screw us over and improve our situation, not just prevent it from getting worse. When we present our own solution to the public, we effectively take control of the debate and put the politicians on the defensive for a change. Now it's up to them to show why our ideas are bad, not the other way around. Armed with the truth on our side, we can win this fight.


I believe we can draft legislation which will be acceptable to most voters and difficult for politicians to attack. Anti-government sentiment is high right now...and I expect record voter turnout for the Presidential election. This would be one big thing we could all rally behind, and present a united front against these crooked/misguided politicians. We are already devoting resources to getting signatures for the recall petition...it would take little extra work to get people to sign an Initiative petition at the same time.


I'm a good writer with a decent knowledge of law, and I am willing to help draft this legislation, and I can help organize signature/voter registration drives in my area, but I only have limited resources available to contribute. This will take all of us, but I am certain we can pull this off.



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